Dhiraagu Revolutionises the Maldivian Esports Scene!

PUBLISHED July 07, 2024 | updated July 07, 2024 00:54

Dhiraagu has unveiled Dhiraagu Gamers Guild – an exciting new platform for the Maldivian gaming community – set to revolutionise the esports scene of the country!

Dhiraagu Gamers Guild (DGG) is a locally developed, one-stop platform for gamers, offering a wide range of features and services tailored to their needs. Designed with the involvement of the gaming community itself, the platform aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive gaming community, providing a space for players to connect, compete, and celebrate their shared passion.

At an event held at Dhiraagu Head Office tonight, the platform was launched by the Minister of Sports, Fitness and Recreation, Abdulla Rafiu. The event was attended by the ministry’s State Ministers as well as senior members of Dhiraagu, members of the gaming community and various stakeholders.

"We are thrilled to launch the Dhiraagu Gamers Guild, our very own home-grown, gaming platform that will serve as a centralised hub for all esports-related activities by Dhiraagu. Through our esports activities, we hope to engage more youth involved in esports in the Maldives, cultivating a new generation of gamers and elevate their experience,” stated the CEO & Managing Director at Dhiraagu, Ismail Rasheed.

“I applaud Dhiraagu for their continuous role in bringing new innovations to the gaming community. I am certain that this will revolutionise the experience of gamers across the nation, transforming the way we think about sports, competition, and skill development. With Dhiraagu's support, I hope to see a future where Maldivian esports athletes excel on the global stage, bringing pride and recognition to our nation,” stated the Minister of Sports, Fitness and Recreation, Abdulla Rafiu.

One of the key features of Dhiraagu Gamers Guild is its seamless registration process for various esports tournaments held by Dhiraagu. This streamlined process ensures that no gamer misses out on the opportunity to participate in different competitions, compete and showcase their skills. Additionally, DGG also offers exclusive fibre broadband boosters and mobile add-ons for registered members, designed to enhance their gaming experience.

The launching event was followed by the kick-off of a two-day walk-in gaming tournament where interested participants can register via DGG and compete in a game of their choice from Rocket League and EAFC 24. Each player will have to win three matches in a row to be crowned the ‘King of the Hill’ and receive a cash prize.

Dhiraagu is committed to promoting esports in the Maldives and working with the gaming community to take Maldivian esports to the next level.


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