Angsana Ihuru Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Rannamaari Wreck with a 24 Hour Live Dive Event

PUBLISHED September 01, 2019

Angsana Ihuru Celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Rannamaari Wreck with a 24 hour live dive event that started at 10am on the 31st of August and ended at 10am on the 1st of September, thus the title, 10 to 10. 

The event live streamed on the resorts YouTube channel, showing a series of activities such as dives to the Rannamaari Wreck which included day, night and dawn dives, free diving session, coral planting, special marine talks by the resort's Marine Lab Team as well as other organizations presents during the event and a role play about the Legend of the Rannamaari. 

The Rannamaari Wreck was previously used as a dredging ship and was towed to Ihuru Island in 1999 to be used as an artificial reef through the initiative of Shahul Hameed, former Banyan Tree and Agsana Maldives Assistant Vice President Maldives Corporate and Abdul Azeez Abdul Hakeem - more familiar as N.D Azeez, Environment Champion in the Maldives and one of the Directors of Ihuru Investments Pvt Ltd. 

The ship sank "mysteriously" two days before the planned event and has since become a home for thousands of sea creatures at a depth of 26 meters. 

The resort welcomed over 120 divers from different dive centers, organizations such as Maldives Whale Shark Research Program, Allied Insurance, Maldives National University and various like-minded groups and individuals who not only joined he dives and signed their attendance on the underwater guest book but also shared their conservation programs. 

Several personalities and advocates of environment conservation also attended the event such as Ahmed Mujuthaba, Chairman and Managing Director of Ihuru Investments Pvt Ltd, Jeehan Mahmood, Member of the Parliament and Environmental Champion, Matt Wenger, Regional Director of PADI, Zoona Naseem, Managing Director of Moodhu Bulhaa, previously the Dive Base Leader and Recreation Manager of Angsana Ihuru Resort & Spa, one of the coordinators of the underwater cabinet meeting and part of the Marine Team that initiated the 10 to 10 Dive. 

This yearly event aims to create a delightfully educational experience to all participants and spread awareness of the importance of conserving marine life in the Maldives 

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