Rejuvenating Wellness Experience at Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa

PUBLISHED April 04, 2021 | updated April 04, 2021 00:54

Giving priority to guests’ wellness, Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa introduces mood-boosting activities and treatments to re-energies the body, increase happiness levels and optimize health for the long run. 

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa encourages open air activities that will not only make the guests permanence more dynamic, but will also encourage self-exploration and skill finding. A unique experience where guest will test themselves both physically and mentally for an increased sense of relief and relaxation. 

The Emerald Spa is a private relaxation temple, situated in an oasis of bliss, surrounded by nature and is the perfect destination for relaxation. A place where guests can detoxify their body and minds. The Emerald Spa offers a full range of Balinese, Ayurvedic and Thai based rituals in the privacy and comfort of treatment rooms. Among all the possible treatments offered, Emerald’s Detoxifying Ritual (120’/USD 278) is designed to rejuvenate the body and calm the mind via a full body lymphatic drainage massage and metabolic boost, body contouring and skin softening. Following the body exfoliation and clay wraps, guests will experience a blissful head and scalp massage that will aid reaching a state of complete relaxation. 

Exercise is fundamental to keep the body and mind in health. The Resort promotes outdoor activities in order to push guests to get out of their comfort zone and enjoy a bit of movement. Not only exercising is beneficial and will give your day a boost. It is the ideal occasion to take advantage of the sunlight and thus the benefits of absorbing some Vitamin D, which is essential for clear thinking and emotional health. This is why Emerald’s Personal Trainers have studied a fun, dynamic workout as way of encouraging guests in taking part in activities. While the trainer’s workout includes running in the sand, functional exercises for the whole body, the resort’s certified yoga instructors are taking the practice to the next level by inviting guests to try Aqua Yoga directly in the turquoise ocean. 

The best way to recharge and fuel up after sport activities is through a superfood smoothie. The Resort’s new spirulina-based smoothie is now available to guests at the Aqua Restaurant’s Blue Zone, the new healthy food corner in the resort’s signature beachfront dining spot. Delicious and healthy dishes will allow guests to be more aware of what is good for the body and what superfood is the most beneficial. 

Once guests have relaxed, have had the chance of being more sporty, eating healthier and nutrient based, they can fulfill their desire of adrenaline drive. This can be done by heading out on a luxury boat excursion in the pristine lagoon and explore the surroundings in search of the diverse marine species that are present in the Indian Ocean such as tropical fish, manta rays, as well as admiring the colorful coral. Snorkeling is one of the activities available and it will allow guests to dive in the deep blue ocean and swim in a real-life aquarium: truly mesmerizing. These activities are all included in the Emerald’s Deluxe All-inclusive signature formula. For the guests who are looking for a stronger adrenaline rush, there are other activities at no extra cost planned for them such as diving excursions, windsurfing or kayaking. As the cherry on top of this top notch stay, the resort’s General Manager Mr. Srikanth suggests booking a private sandbank lunch for extra pampering with a barefoot meal or sign up for a ‘Wine Tasting in the Sea’ event for a bucket-list experience to have the time of their life.


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