US Beef Training Workshop to be Held in Maldives with Chef Jay MaCarthy

Culinary News
PUBLISHED August 09, 2023

The Chefs Guild of Maldives and the U.S Meat Export Federation are partnering to present an exceptional culinary experience: The U.S. BEEF Training Workshop featuring the culinary genius, Chef Jay MaCarthy. 

To all chefs, culinary students and kitchen experts! Get ready to embark on a unique culinary journey. Uncover the craftsmanship of culinary brilliance under the tutelage of Chef Jay MaCarthy, a master of flavors and techniques. As culinary mentor at Destination Hospitality, Chef Jay McCarthy believes that knowledge is power, especially in the kitchen.

Throughout the virtual session, Chef Jay McCarthy will be joined by a skilled and highly experienced renowned chef, Chef Peter de Kauwe from the UAE, along with two proficient chefs from the Maldives. Mark your calendars for this thrilling event! It's scheduled for Sunday, August 27, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Champa Central 1st Floor Hall. 

This timing ensures ample opportunity to absorb every detail of Chef MaCarthy's culinary artistry. For registration, contact the organizers at 7991014 or reach out via email at Seize this thrilling chance to dive into the realm of culinary mastery! Claim your place in the U.S. BEEF Training Workshop today and become a part of this gourmet adventure.



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