Economic Ministry establishes districts for 24 hour service

PUBLISHED January 22, 2019

The Ministry of Economic Development has decided on districts where shops, tea hotels and restaurants will be allowed to stay open and operate 24/7.

It includes 12 streets in the capital city, Malé, and the ferry terminal area of Villingili.
Streets include:

1.  Bodu Thakurufaanu Magu

2.  Kanba Aisaarani Hingun

3.  Fareedhee Magu

4.  Sosun Magu

5.  Medhuziyaaraih Magu

6.  Janavaree Magu

7.  Majeedhee Magu

8.  Buruzu Magu

9.  Orchid Magu

10.  Ameenee Magu

11.  Lonuziyaaraih Magu

12. Chaandhanee Magu

The application form to receive permission for 24/7 service is available from the website of the Ministry of Economic Development. Businesses which meet the criteria are required to submit the application forms to the Ministrys center located in Bodu Thakurufaanu Magu.

Business which sell imported products will be allowed to sell only the basic necessities.

And the businesses which apply for permission to stay open and operate 24/7 will be issued a permission only after the Ministry conducts a check to ensure all the criteria are met.

Despite it being called a 24/7 service permission, all shops will be required to close during prayer times.


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