Real Madrid Stars Luka Modrić, Vinícius Júnior and Toni Kroos Featured in New Emirates Advertising Campaign to Boost Travel During Winter Season

PUBLISHED December 10, 2022 | updated December 11, 2022 03:38

Emirates and Real Madrid are looking to capture the attention of football fans with the launch of two ads to attract customers to travel this winter across the airline’s network of more than 130 destinations including Dubai.

The first one features Real Madrid stars Luka Modrić, Vinícius Júnior and Toni Kroos passing the ball around the field until it reaches one of Emirates' most popular holiday destinations: the Maldives. And they ask themselves, to fly or to fly better? 

The second ad, starring the same players, reflects the importance of making good decisions: from which shirt to wear to cheer on one’s favourite team, staying to watch a game alone at home or with friends, to how to take a penalty or where to go on vacation.

The ads will air in December in Spain, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Indonesia on various social media platforms. 

Emirates offers a range of winter breaks for its customers; whether a beach or city break in Dubai, a cultural getaway in Thailand and Bali or even a relaxing island escape in the Maldives or Mauritius, Emirates network will connect customers to the seasonal sunshine.

Since 2011, Emirates has been the global sponsor of Real Madrid, bringing together two of the most recognized brands in the world of aviation and soccer. As the world's largest international airline, Emirates continues to connect Real Madrid with fans and spectators from all corners of the globe through various events that create moments of inspiration, fun and joy.

Football is a truly global sport that has always played a prominent role in Emirates' sponsorship portfolio. The "fly better" brand message is showcased on leading European and international clubs, including AC Milan, SL Benfica, Olympique Lyonnais and Arsenal. In addition to soccer, Emirates also has a strong presence in other major sports such as tennis, golf, rugby and horse racing.



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