Dhiraagu to Connect Maldives to the Latest Global Super-highway SEA-ME-WE 6 Submarine Cable System

PUBLISHED February 22, 2022 | updated February 22, 2022 03:39

Dhiraagu has entered into a contract with a consortium of 13 global telecom and tech companies to connect Maldives to the global super high-way SEA-ME-WE 6 (SMW6) submarine cable system. This cable system is planned to connect South-East Asia, the Middle East, and Western Europe at eleven countries from Singapore to France and is expected to be completed by Q1 2025.  

SMW6 is a 19,200 km long submarine cable system with a minimum transmission speed of 100Tbps, using the latest undersea cable technology. This cable system, will provide direct access to key Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and Data Centres (DCs) from South-East Asia to Europe. This investment by Dhiraagu will significantly strengthen Maldives' International connectivity, improve quality and resilience of its services to consumers, businesses and fuel future growth of digital services across the country.  

With the growing demand for digital services, this addition to its existing submarine cable systems is an important step towards making the Maldives a global digital hub and strengthening the digital infrastructure of the country. It gives increased confidence to customers and investors looking to host their services in the Maldives. Additionally, it will enable further exploration of the potentials of emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.  

“We are delighted to be a partner of SMW6 consortium and achieve this important milestone in the development of our telecommunication services in the Maldives. This is a significant investment that will bring immense benefits to the nation, customers and shareholders. The SMW6 cable system will provide direct connectivity to multiple key locations across the world, which will help reduce latency, improve quality and reduce costs of Dhiraagu’s internet services” stated Ismail Rasheed, CEO & MD at Dhiraagu.  

Dhiraagu continues to enrich lives by investing in modern technologies to enhance customers’ digital experience and empower our communities to ‘take on tomorrow’.  


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