Hotel Asia Exhibition 2018 Concludes Successfully

PUBLISHED October 16, 2018

Hotel Asia Exhibition 2018, the largest hospitality event in the Maldives has successfully concluded at Dhaarubaruge.  

According to the Maldives Exhibition and Conference Service (MECS), the three-day event which was held from 10th to 12th October featured 130 companies with 62 stalls placed for visitors and was attended by 36 countries.

The event attracted hundreds and more professionals in hospitality and professional services industries. The ideal hub for clientele expansion and networking, the Hotel Asia Exhibition conceived back in 2000 aims to gap the bridge between businesses and potential stakeholders.

Similar to previous editions of Hotel Asia Exhibition the 2018s event was primarily sponsored by Best-Buy Maldives (BBM); a local venture that specialises in the sale of kitchen utensils and equipment along with several other branded products in food and beverage category.

Other sponsors of the event include Evo Home as the culinary equipment partner, TTS Maldives as the logistics partner and Retria as the uniform partner.

The event partners include Event Maldives and Asary Service while the events official magazine partner was assigned to Hotelier Maldives; which released a special edition focusing in detail of the exhibition.

The events online partner was popular online news media Avas Online and Dhiraagu was the official telecom partner.

Hotel Asia Exhibition 2018 is a symposium where key players in the hotel industry worldwide interact where future development of the global hospitality industry will take place as exhibitors from various countries network for future synergism. The much-anticipated event held for the 14th successful year showcased many top brands which have excelled in the hospitality industry.

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