Addu Council Opens EOI Submission for Builders Interested in Developing a Yacht Marina and Cruise Terminal in S.Feydhoo

PUBLISHED July 18, 2023 | updated July 18, 2023 02:39

Addu Council has opened an Expression of Interest (EOI) for those interested in building a yacht marina and cruise terminal in Addu.

Companies interested in these facilities to be set up in Feydhoo can submit EOI till July 25, 2023. According to the council, interested companies will have to submit their financial statements from the last three years. It has to be companies with at least 10 years of experience.

The council had made plans to build a yacht marina and cruise terminal in Addu city from 2021 onwards. The facilities will be set up at Feydhoo's former football ground and the area connecting Feydhoo and Gan.

The Feydhoo Land Use Plan, which was approved late last year, also allocated land for the yacht marina and cruise terminal. According to the council, a 100-room hotel will also be developed in the area where the yacht marina and cruise terminal are being built. Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar said companies have already shown interest to take the project.

There was talk of a yacht marina and a cruise terminal in Addu, and plans were first made in this regard in 2007. The project was also included in the ‘Vision Addu’ released in 2008.



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