Kaani Hotels Wins Vaavu Lagoon Bid, Expands from Guesthouses to Resorts

PUBLISHED July 04, 2024 | updated July 04, 2024 02:52

In a milestone achievement, Kaani Hotels and Tours, pioneers of local island tourism, have secured the bid to develop a lagoon into a resort in Vaavu Atoll, Maldives. This significant move marks a major expansion for the family-owned business, transitioning from its guesthouse roots to a luxurious resort experience.

Kaani Hotels and Tours began its journey twelve years ago with a single 18-room guesthouse.

Recognizing the potential of local tourism in the Maldives, they became pioneers in the guesthouse

sector. Their dedication to exceptional service and authentic Maldivian experiences fueled their success, leading to a current portfolio of four guesthouses boasting 199 rooms. Two additional guesthouses, Kaani Haven Beach and Kaani Dream Beach, are currently under construction and lated to open in 2025, which will bring their total portfolio to 411 rooms.

This latest venture, the Kaani Beach Resort project, promises to be a game-changer for Kaani Hotels. Planned as a club-style resort, it will offer a total of 200 rooms, featuring a combination of 120 luxurious beach rooms and 80 stunning water villas. The resort will provide guests with an unparalleled level of comfort and exclusivity while remaining true to Kaani's commitment to hospitality.

"We are incredibly proud of this achievement," says Abdulla Nasheed, CEO of Kaani Group.

"Winning the bid for the Vaavu Lagoon signifies a new chapter for Kaani Hotels. It's a testament to

the hard work and dedication of our team, and we're excited to share the beauty of the Maldives with guests in a whole new way."

This expansion not only highlights Kaani Hotels' impressive growth but also demonstrates their evolving role in the Maldivian tourism landscape. The Kaani Beach Resort project is poised to create new opportunities for the local economy, further contributing to the atoll and helping to boost tourism arrivals in the Maldives.


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