Hydro Global Maldives to Bring its Innovative Products to Maldives Living Expo 2022

PUBLISHED October 04, 2022 | updated October 04, 2022 00:52

Hydro Global Private Limited has been announced as one of the participating exhibitors of Maldives Living Expo 2022. The company specializes in swimming pool-related business, dedicated to developing applications for sustainable use of water.   

Registered in the Maldives on March 9, 2014, Hydro Global Private Limited brings together experienced professionals and advanced technologies to solve the world’s most complex challenges related to water scarcity, quality, productivity, the environment and energy.   

Hydro Global provides solution for swimming pool designs, construction, distribution of systems and maintenance in addition to a full range of Water Treatment Services including Reverse Osmosis water purification technology, Wastewater Processing for safe water that can be discharged and Boiler Water Treatment chemicals driving efficiency, safety and reliability in steam-generating systems.   

Prioritizing respect for the environment, Hydro Global products are eco-friendly, optimizing energy consumption while also minimizing environmental hazards with their water chemicals of the highest purity and quality. 

Hydro Global will be showcasing these value-added products that are easy to use, save water and energy, fulfilling the sustainability criteria at the Maldives Living Expo 2022.    

The 10th edition of Maldives Living Expo has been announced to be held on October 27, 28 and 29, 2022 at Central Park Hulhumalé. MM Exports, India and State Trading Organization (STO), Maldives have been revealed as the Co-Sponsors of this year’s Maldives Living Expo. The event will showcase different options from utmost luxury to affordable home and living lifestyle available in the heart of smart city with the supporting and facilitating partners of Maldives in one platform.  



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