Amãna Takaful Maldives Conducts Awareness Sessions on Marine Hull Insurance

PUBLISHED July 09, 2018

Amãna Takaful Maldives PLC has recently carried out a special awareness session on marine hull insurance at Champa Central Hotel.

"We aim to reduce the damages on sea vessels and find ways to manage risks related to operating such vessels." Says Managing Director of Amãna Takaful Hariz Sulaiman.

The awareness session was participated by vessel operators, owners and various industries attached to marine services. Maldives Coast Guard, Transport Authority and foreign experts on insurance had provided information during the sessions.

Coast Guard Director Ahmed Fathih noted approximately 300 incidents related to sea vessels occur annually. He also noted boat capsizing incidents are reported in every five days.

Several vessel owners and operators have already acquired the company's marine hull insurance due to the relative benefits it provides.

Since its inception in 2003, Amãna Takaful Maldives PLC has been a full-fledged licensed General Insurance company in the Maldives. Currently, the company stand proud as the only publicly quoted insurance company in the Maldives listed in the Maldives Stock Exchange (MSE).

The commitment of the company's staff to provide the highest levels of service, in line with an outstanding portfolio of Takaful insurance solutions has helped the company build a robust business based on trust and reliability.


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