MATI Launches Books Covering the History of Tourism in Maldives

PUBLISHED April 27, 2023 | updated April 27, 2023 01:39

The books “50 years of Tourism in Maldives - the Pioneers, People and Policies that Shaped Maldives Tourism” authored by Dr. Simad Saeed and “Maldivian Resort Architecture - 50 years of island resorts” authored by Mr. Mauroof Jameel were launched by MATI during their 33rd AGM held on February 19, 2023 at Kurumba Maldives.

The books offer an insightful look into the architectural evolution of the Maldivian resort as well as the evolution of the tourism Industry of Maldives from inception up to its 50th Anniversary in 2022. Ultimately, the books tell the story of a how a nation with no banks, no airport, no telephones and warnings from the United Nations that Maldives did not yet have the required infrastructure to support tourism, launched tourism in 1972 and transformed itself from a primitive sea-faring nation to one of the world’s leading tourism destinations within a mere 5 decades.

The authors: Mr. Mauroof Jameel, is an architect, independent researcher and an illustrator specializing in architectural heritage of the Maldives who had previously authored and released the book “Coral Stone Mosques of Maldives: The Vanishing Legacy of the Indian Ocean” and Dr. Simad Saeed, is the Managing Director of CDE Consulting and an avid researcher of Tourism in Maldives, that specializes in Strategy, Sustainability and Social Innovation.

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About MATI

The Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization formed in 1982, for the purpose of developing tourism in the Maldives. Four decades of MATI’s service has been provided to almost all the travel and tourism related issues which arise in Maldives.


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