Three Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts properties receive Green Globe Certification

PUBLISHED February 18, 2020

Green Globe has awarded three Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts properties with the Green Globe Certification for its commitment to sustainable management and practices.

Oblu by Atmosphere at Helengeli and Ozen by Atmosphere at Maadhoo received their certifications on November 2019 while Oblu Select at Sangeli was awarded on January 2020 for their sustainability initiatives.

For Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts, who currently operate five resorts in the Maldives, sustainability means managing the resorts in accordance with the company's guiding principles, which are to spread awareness and take responsibility for global environmental issues. The resorts have been managed in a sustainable manner from the very beginning, and considerable steps have been taken to minimise the impact that operating the resorts have on the environment.

For example, all resorts use glass bottles for drinking water, which is processed in the resort's own facilities. Plastic straws are banned and floating solar panels are introduced, currently only at OZEN by Atmosphere which produce their own electricity to power the resort.

Solar panel power generation will be introduced in all resorts in the near future. Guests are actively encouraged to preserve nature and the surrounding underwater world, to help further protect the environment. In addition, the Maldivian culture and heritage is shared at the resorts, to ensure it is known and protected.

The Green Globe certification process is complex and rigorous. Atmosphere group dedicate special teams of staff at each resort to ensure that the resort adheres to the certification criteria. The responsible teams have to work through more than 300 certification criteria comprehensively, taking into account various factors such as sustainability, protection of cultural heritage, social and economic considerations and environmental protection.

"As the Maldives is one of the most endangered tourist destinations in the world, environmental conservation and sustainability has always been a key element to our operations and integral in all that we do. Since the establishment of Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts in 2013, we have worked to become more and more sustainable.

"We are thrilled to be part of the Green Globe community, with three resorts currently certified, and the others well on their way. I am very proud of all the resort teams who have worked immensely hard to achieve this certification," said Giri Venkat, Chief Operating Officer and President of Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts.


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