International Women’s Day 2021: “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World”

PUBLISHED March 09, 2021 | updated March 09, 2021 03:33

International Maldives Travel Market (IMTM) joins the manifestation of International Women’s Day 2021. Into this era of absolute and coordinated global interventions in fighting for equality of women, it is sad that we still struggle in community stereotyping as well as the prejudices that have been longstanding.  

We have not forgotten but still recognize and identify the need to address the confrontation of fears in childhood, to barriers in the workplace that is still difficult for many in facing the challenges created by the opposite.  

Today, it is important for women to support women more than ever, irrelevant of age or race, to stand up for each other and allow equality and competitive progress in every situation. We all have a role to play in creating success, following dreams and contributing to community development.  

Covid has brought a standstill to our lives. Crashed global economic activities and cross border transactions which has been the livelihood for many. As a national development facilitator, contributor and planner, IMTM has been hit hard without being able to hold events. It is with great planning and hands on engagement that IMTM is maneuvering around this pandemic crisis as well as external barriers. Moving to another phase of the pandemic, IMTM is still trying to anticipate the kind of losses that will be suffered due to the crisis in the upcoming months. However, with the continued adding losses, it is with perseverance and innovative adaptation that IMTM has been able to learn and survive in this crisis.  

“As a #womantrepreneur, it is with warmth that I acknowledge the struggles and celebrate the success of women today, in-spite of all the challenges at hand. The many women leaders engaged and contributing in public positions as well as women occupying top positions in private companies. Women have come a long way and there is a long way more to go. Happy International Women’s day to all fellow women!” - Shiuna Khalid, MD, IMTM Private Limited  


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