Guinness world record holder Michal Kapral arrives in Maldives to break two Guinness world records

PUBLISHED September 30, 2019

Guinness World Record Holder, Michal Kapral, has arrivied in Maldives on 30th September 2019 upon an invitation given by Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation to set two Guiness World Records in the sport of Juggling and Joggling running while juggling.The pupose of this trip is to further promote Maldives to a wider audience and increase exposure of Maldives on a global platform as well as to promote sports tourism.

During his trip to Maldives, Mr.Kapral will strive to become the fastest person to run a 10k while simulatneously juggling four objects during TFGs CocaCola RunInAddu 2019 on 5th October 2019. His second record-breaking attempt will feature him attempting world record for the most consecutive stairs climbed while juggling three objects which is upto 1,776 steps; equivalent to the height of CN Tower in Canada, one of the tallest buildings in the world. . He will attempt this on 11th October 2019 during the Childrens Evening Held in Sultan Park.

The official press conference was held on the 30th of Septemebr 2019 in the MMPRC office. The press conference was paneled by Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Ahmed Mahloof, MMPRCs Managing Director Mr. Thoyyib Mohamed, TFG representive Mr. Husein Zinan and Joggler Mr. Michal Kapral. During the press conference, the points that were highlighted are as follows. An introduction to the event and the technical details of the world record and of Mr. Kapral. Followed by the significance of event-based tourism and the importance of co branding and promotion of reigions within a destination and how events of national and international siggnificane will attract local and international tourists.

Michal Kaparal is a world famous athlete for "joggling", a sport that combine running and juggling. Michal Kaparal holds the Guiness World Record of 2 hours 50 minutes and 12 seconds in joggling. Michals previous world record attempts has received widespread media coverage by being featured on ESPN, Good Morning America, CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR and other TV and Radio programs.

His world record attempts will be covered by international media and documented on social media to reach a wider audience. As Mr. Kapral is Canadian, this event further promotes Maldives as a destination to the growing Canadian market. This trip fits into to MMPRCs marketing strategy to promote Maldives on a global stage to niche markets specifically to MICE, culture and sports tourists. Based on the Arrival figures from January to August 2019, total tourist arrivals recorded to be 1,134,071, which is a increase of 16.6 % when compared to the same period of 2018. This event is part of a series of Marketing activities to promote Maldives across different contries.


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