Test flight lands at the recently completed Funadhoo Airport

PUBLISHED January 25, 2020

Following the successful completion of Sh. Funadhoo Airport, a test flight has landed at the airport on Friday, January 24, 2020.

Speaking to the local media, Funadhoo Parliament Member Ahmed Faiz said that the test flight landed at Funadhoo Airport at 7:30 am in the morning. The local community of the atoll gathered at the airport to welcome the first test flight.

He further added that, the public initiated a cleanup of the airport with the spread of test flight landing news and they also hoisted the flags at Funadhoo Airport.

Additionally, he said that airport is linked to the hope of the whole island and that there is not a single person that was not involved, people united to decorate and welcome the flight.

Once the flight landed, after the welcoming ceremony, the public gathered in one place to have morning breakfast. The breakfast was prepared by individual households of the island on their own expense - arranged to show the unity and the bond of the public.

The airport that was constructed by MTCC-plans were made to open it last year. However, due to delays in completing the airport, the opening was postponed. Funadhoo Airport was built reclaiming 40 hectors from the sea.

Funadhoo Airport will officially open on 1st February 2020.


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