AIA Strengthens Partnership with Aviation Operation Company, Centrik

PUBLISHED July 03, 2022 | updated July 03, 2022 02:48

Addu International Airport Pvt Ltd (AIA) has welcomed Andy Wilkinson, Head of Aerospace and Engineering, Centrik to GAN International Airport last week. Andy, has been the point of contact between AIA and Centrik since the beginning of their partnership and visited Gan to congratulate AIA on becoming the first airport operator in the Maldives to fully implement the Centrik Operational Risk Management System. 

Implemented with the assistance of Viscount Consulting over the last 2 years, Centrik has been monitoring the risk levels of AIA’s total operation so that management can target those areas needing improvement. Now, with nearly 2 years of data stored, AIA can move from the traditional reactive (after the event) risk management to proactive trend monitoring and prior event mitigation. 

AIA’s full use of Centrik will give its management, staff, suppliers and customers confidence that the airport operates to international standards at the lowest level of risk possible to all involved. Part of TrustFlight, Centrik provides complete SMS and operational management support to more than 80,000 global users in the aviation, UAS, military, maritime and sectors. Centrik removes costly, outdated paper-based processes and procedures, increasing efficiency, improving safety and ensuring complete compliance across some of the most highly regulated and safety critical industries in the world. 

Thanking AIA for a wonderful day at GIA Andy said “it has been such a pleasure working with AIA and seeing Centrik become fully integrated in the Airport, helping them to achieve enhanced operational efficiency”. 


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