The One Central Park' Project Completed in Two years

PUBLISHED July 06, 2023 | updated July 09, 2023 01:26

The 'One Central Park' project has been completed in two years, and the keys to the apartments have been handed over. The project was executed by India's Sandal Mauritius. Under the project, 120 apartments have been developed, and an apartment has been purchased for Rs 2.2 crore.

Mr. Neeraj Gupta, along with Minister of Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam, handed over the keys to the owners of the apartments at a function held at One Central Park.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Aslam said that the government believes that a society is not based solely on the same class but on people with equal income. Pointing out that there are very weak sections, middle-income groups, and very well-to-do sections among the people, the minister said the government believes that in housing projects, even the middle-income people should be provided with affordable housing.

The housing units, valued at Rs 2.2 million, are being loaned by lending agencies in the country, out of which 80 percent of the borrowers have to pay around Rs 20,800 per month. A three-bedroom apartment is already available on the rental market at this price. But it's not a private place. Today, you enter the apartment as private entities," Minister Aslam said.

Pointing out that those entering these 120 units have already completed their payments, Minister Aslam said that this shows that there is a demand among the people and there are people who can afford it. The minister said that the government is carrying out housing projects for the benefit of all people without excluding any individual.

Neeraj Gulati, managing director of Sandal Mauritius, said, "The two years that it took us to complete these apartments have been challenging due to the COVID pandemic. Despite these hurdles, the project was carried out without stopping, with the intention of completing the apartments and handing them over to the people. Therefore, Neeraj Gulati thanked Rashid Carpentry and Construction (RCC), the contractor for the project.

Sandal awarded the project to a Mauritius company in April 2021.

The project is part of the government's policy of developing mixed residential developments as part of its housing project.



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