Former UNWTO Director Xu Jing - Maldives will be amongst the first countries to welcome tourists

PUBLISHED May 05, 2020

Former World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)s Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Xu Jing has said that countries like Maldives will be amongst the first batch to welcome back visitors after pandemic (COVID-19) ends. 

He expressed his opinion regarding the restart of Maldives tourism industry related activities in a tweet posted on social media. He says that Maldives archipelago consisting of scattered island resorts in a not overly crowded manner will prove to be useful in luring in tourists to the country earlier than others.

"Point to point flights through charters may be an added advantage from its major source markets such as China with QR coded health identity," said Xu Jing.

QR coded health identity system currently being used in China serves as a tracker for people's moves in public areas, with their QR codes scanned as they enter public places. Once a confirmed case is diagnosed, authorities will be able to quickly backtrack where the patient has been and identify people who have been in contact with that individual. Individuals with a green code can travel freely, while those with yellow should be self-isolating and red shows that they are a confirmed coronavirus case.

Xu Jing joined the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 1992 as Officer to the Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific. He coordinated and supervised numerous UNWTO technical cooperation projects and sectorial support missions on subjects of contemporary interest to the tourism community of Asian countries. 


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