Make the Rest of Your 2023 Count: Embark on Captivating Journeys at Alila Kothaifaru Maldives

PUBLISHED June 27, 2023 | updated July 08, 2023 03:23

Named among Condé Nast Traveler’s 2023 Hot List of the Best New Hotels in the World and the Best New Beach Hotels in the World, Alila Kothaifaru Maldives invites you to escape into a world of enchantment and create lasting memories as you make the rest of your 2023 truly exceptional. 

Our luxury island retreat in Raa Atoll has recently completed enhancement works that have encompassed the entire resort with a pristine white-sand beach. Nestled within this exquisite haven, the Beach Villas offer a truly immersive experience, granting guests direct access to the beach mere steps from their villa with approximately 5-10 meters of exclusive beachfront space in which to bask in the splendor of the sun-kissed shores.

Whether enjoying your Maldives vacation in one of our beach or overwater villas, discover a selection of handpicked activities tailored to different desires for an otherworldly experience that will leave you in awe. 

Solo Traveler's Haven: Discover Your Inner peace
Our resort offers solo travelers a haven to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Indulge in a day of holistic wellness with the Spa Alila Journey to You - Full Day package, crafted to bring out your inner strength and leave you feeling replenished. Begin with a yoga and pranayama session, fostering self-awareness and relaxation as our expert yoga instructor guides you through gentle yet invigorating Hatha Yoga postures suitable for all levels. Then feel balanced restored as you engage in a series of spa treatments, including a rejuvenating Balinese therapy, a decadent cocoa, coffee and coconut body scrub, and a serene Herbal Compress Massage to ease any lingering tension. Conclude your day with a private meditation session, immersing yourself in a deep state of tranquility.

A Journey for Two: Connect on Another Level
Escape to a world of intimacy and romance with your loved one. Alila Kothaifaru offers an exclusive experience for couples, allowing you to deepen your bond and create treasured moments together. Sail on a traditional dhoni boat to a private sandbank, where you will be greeted by a dreamy island-style picnic setup surrounded by breathtaking views and serenity. To further enhance your connection, discover the healing and relaxing power of touch in The Art of Touch workshop. Learn basic massage techniques and sequences to share with your partner for an unforgettable bonding experience. As a keepsake, take home our signature blend essential oil, a reminder of your enchanting moments at #spaalilamaldives.

Family Bonding: Bucket List Worthy Adventures
Alila Kothaifaru is the perfect destination for families seeking extraordinary adventures. Embark on a dolphin cruise at sunset, where you'll encounter playful spinner and curious bottlenose dolphins. Marvel at their acrobatic displays and cherish the joy on your children's faces as they witness these majestic creatures up close. From November to early January, experience the spectacular "Sea of Stars" phenomenon on Vaadhoo Island, a magical sight where the waves glow like a starlit night sky. After a day of excitement, indulge in tailored family spa experiences, such as Father and Son/Mother and Daughter massage treatments or a family yoga session, allowing you to bond, relax and create precious memories.

Friends Escape: Epic Moments Made for Sharing
Travels with your bestie take on a dream-like quality at Alila Kothaifaru. Strengthen the bonds of friendship with unforgettable experiences such as Breakfast Afloat, a bespoke breakfast experience aboard a traditional Maldivian dhoni boat. Appreciate every moment together as you witness the sun rising above the ocean's horizon, painting the sky with vibrant hues. Come evening, immerse yourselves in Champagne Sundowner, an exquisite experience at The Shack, our secluded sandbank, where you can sip on bubbly while relishing the breathtaking sunset views.

Conscious Traveler
Renowned for its unique destination experiences, Alila proudly positions itself as a hotel brand with a strong ethos of supporting – and giving back to – the local community. Conscious travelers are invited to discover the beauty of the people of Maldives through A Day in the Life of a Maldivian, where they can learn all about the unique Maldivian lifestyle, narrated by one of our friendly local hosts and through an interactive cultural journey. The day ends with a visit to a nearby inhabited island, Maduvvaree, to share afternoon tea or a meal with a local family.

At Alila Kothaifaru, authentic and personalized travel experiences allow guests to go beyond themselves to discover a more connected world while making space to think, breathe and restore. We create opportunities for our guests to experience new cultures and landscapes, and discover familiar destinations through new lenses.

To make the most of 2023 with Alila Kothaifaru Maldives, explore our special offers here:


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