SATA Hosts South Asian Digital Travel Conversation with Key Industry Stakeholders

PUBLISHED April 25, 2020

The South Asian Digital Travel Conversation is a virtual conversation organized by the South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) with a full focus to discuss in-depth, to create awareness and to voice the challenges that are being faced in the Travel Trade & Hospitality Industry of the South Asian region.

The conversation has been purposefully designed as a series, spread across multiple episodes of 45 minutes each, with special guests from the South Asian regions Travel Trade & Hospitality Industry. Each episode will highlight a specific topic, and industry professionals will be sharing their voice with regional factual data.

The conversation will be guided by a moderator who will ask questions based on the topic of the day, and the guests will share their views, experiences, opinions and hindrances. The show will be webcasted via mainstream social media every Saturday at 1130 GMT. Different episodes will be presented by diverse industry stakeholders and moderators.

Episode one will be moderated by the Vice President of South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) Mr. Suraj Khan. The key topic for episode one will be Reviving South Asian Travel Trade.

The speakers for the first episode are:

  1. Mr. Rajeev Kohli - Former President, Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE)
  2. Mr. Thoyyib Mohamed - Managing Director, Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC)
  3. Mr. Puneet Dutta - General Manager, Amari Galle, Onyx Hospitality

The South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) is the first ever regional travel award endorsed by multi-national associations providing the tourism sector of the South Asian region with recognition towards their facilities and service excellence. SATA aims to encourage and raise service standards within the regions tourism industry. The brand is one of a kind with affiliations from regional associations ensuring the process follows a smooth and transparent procedure. The judging panel consists of high-profile senior representatives selected from various destinations in the region, with vast knowledge and backgrounds in the industry, assuring an accurate and fair process. SATA is a Highrise concept.

SATA Team proudly unveiled the 2020 South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) Platinum Partner as Gulf Craft Maldives and Gold Partner as The Hawks Pvt Ltd, and looks forward to hosting the prestigious Grand Gala in the Maldives by the last quarter of 2020.


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