The new MD of MITDC: Mohamed Raaidh

PUBLISHED January 07, 2019

Mohamed Raaidh has been appointed as the Managing Director of Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC).

MITDC was established in 2016 to gather investments for tourism initiatives. MITDC is a 100% Maldivian Government SOE mandated to support and to foster the development and growth of the mid-market segment of the Tourism Industry. The primary goal is to bring economic growth to the nation by expanding the possible avenues of the tourism sector through the systematic and planned development of integrated tourism in this industry.

In contrast to the traditional one-island-one-resort concept adopted by the current resorts where all the services are provided by a single operator, MITDC intends to involve several business operators to provide various services such as guesthouses, community centres, spas, restaurants, water sports, theme parks, etc. This is mainly to promote involvement and revenue to the local businesses. Additionally, it is MITDCs priority to involve the contribution of the local community in the tourism sector and essentially increase the economy of the community.

The Privatization and Corporatization board has confirmed Raaidhs appointment. 


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