Foreign Ministry meets to discuss ties between Russia, Oman and Nepal

PUBLISHED September 08, 2019

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid and high officials from Russia, Oman and Nepal met up on the sidelines of the 4th Indian Ocean Conference to discuss on strengthening the ties between the countries.

Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman, Sayyid Badr bin Hamad bin Hamood Albusaidi and the Maldivian Minister conveyed hopes that Maldives and Oman will hold and further strengthen the current bonds of bilateral ties, international solidarity and cooperate to explore fields of mutual interest in the meeting held.

During the meeting with Pradeep Kumar Gyawali, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nepal and Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid, concern was raised on the adverse effects of climate change on their countries. Minister Shahid additionally expressed appreciation for the beneficial contribution to the health sector of the Maldives highlighting the scholarships and seats offered for the Maldivian medical students in Nepal.

Minister Shahid gratefully accepted an invitation to attend the Sustainable Summits Conference, held in 2020, extended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nepal.


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