Social Media and its Impact on Tourism

PUBLISHED June 25, 2021 | updated June 26, 2021 01:07

In every single walk of our lives, social media plays an important role. And, Travel and Tourism is also not behind. Even in this pandemic, social media posts are keeping the tourism enthusiasm alive in people. The travel experiences and reviews shared by people over any Social media platform influence people’s decisions to determine or plan their future trips. 

How does Social Media affect Tourism?  

However, COVID-19 has left a huge impact on tourism industry. Telling people that tourism aids in enhancing the intensity of Covid-19, some people have now fear of travelling which affects the tourism industry a lot. It changes people’s behavior by making them pessimist, perceptive to risks more and making them feel fearful. However, it is not with everyone, because social media has kept up with the people’s will to travel.  

So, Social Media impacts Tourism in the following possible ways:  

Creates Cross-Cultural Connections: Earlier, travelling to an unchartered territory makes one feel like “flying blind”. But, now social media allows us to connect with any stranger who has travelled there and shared their experience about the same. Even in this pandemic, people are sharing their experiences on social media and helping people with planning their future trips. Also, some tourism companies are doing the same.  

Making people thrive for more authentic experiences: Studies have found that 86% millennials would spend money on experiences new cultures. So, if someone talks about his/her experience of a place, millennials thus get an urge to go and experience that same thing. People sell the most compatible tourist packages online which ultimately increases tourism. 

Traveling made spontaneous: Watching any travel site or page on a social media platform makes the users dream about having a trip, even when they were not planning to have one. So, in this way, social media impacts tourism a lot more than anything. Even in this pandemic, despite having the fear and risk of disease, people are getting influenced with social media and thinking of their future trips.  

Bottom Line 

Every business is now finding new creative ways to leverage their business through social media, and so is tourism industry doing. Social media has given the power to the consumers itself. However, the pandemic has made the tourism industry into great loss. But still, social media is keeping up the travelling zeal in people.  


Contributing writer

Aushini Das


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