Judging concludes on Maldives Business Awards

PUBLISHED December 07, 2019

The judging of Maldives Business Awards nominees has concluded on 05 December 2019, Thursday.

Hosted at the venue of Maagiri Hotel, the judging on all MBA 2019 nominees commenced on 21 November.

At the judging, over 50 nominees from both Enterprise Excellence and Industry Excellence categories pitched their presentations to the expert judging panel.

Broken down to several segments, over 100 hours of judging was conducted in order to evaluate all the nominees; making the MBA judging process among the most comprehensive ones practiced in the country.

This was further cemented with the positive response and comments received from all of the nominees regarding how the judging process was conducted.

Consisting of a total of 08 selected individuals; all boasting top credentials in their respective fields, come with years of experience and carry with them garnered expertise.

The judging panel of Maldives Business Awards 2019 included;

1.       Hamdun Abdulla Hameed (Chairman of the panel of judges)

-          Former Minister of Planning, Member of Parliament, Ambassador to Singapore

2.       Dr. Mariyam Waseema

-          Managing Director, Life Support

3.       Ahmed Maazin

-          Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance

4.       Saeedha Umar

-          Consultant Trade Facilitation at Asian Development Bank (ADB), former Chairperson at Bank of Maldives (BML)

5.       Ibrahim Nasreen

-          Chief Commercial Officer (COO) at Public Service Media (PSM)

6.       Ibrahim Asim

-          Director, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC)

7.       Ahmed Munavvar

-          Former Minister of Finance

8.       Athif Shakoor

-          Managing Director, United Food Suppliers


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