Aqua Vita Residences - An Insight into the Building’s Construction Progress & Project Performance

PUBLISHED February 16, 2021 | updated February 16, 2021 02:26

The sudden shift in the work culture of all industries globally, especially the construction and real estate companies, has brought unexpected challenges and hurdles to the ongoing projects. The company personnel have put themselves fourth to develop an exceptional plan for crisis management and ensure smooth and efficient progression of the ongoing projects. The management of Aqua Vita Residences has been working tirelessly to execute a smooth and efficient construction progression of the property. The luxurious apartment complex, Aqua Vita Residences, located in Hulhumale' has successfully completed 80% of their construction works.  

By the end of August 2020, the entire structural work of Aqua Vita Residences had been completed. All the masonry work of the building was concluded by the end of October 2020, along with 28% of the building complex’s paint work. Additionally, by the end of November 2020, 40% of the waterproofing work of the premises had been compiled by totaling to 80% of the total project being completed. 

The company’s impregnable team has been executing the project with appreciable coordination and integrated efforts to ensure that the project is completed on time, within the budget, within the highest degree of quality and in a substantially safe manner for the entire team.  

After completion of the foundation work, columns, wall reinforcements and walls upto 1st floor, the construction team has been progressively finishing the construction work from 1st to 14th floor. The skillful team ensured proper execution of work to complete the slab formwork and slab reinforcements of each floor and commenced the masonry work. After completion of the building works, the team then moved forward to wall plastering the internal walls of the building.  

The management of Aqua Vita Residences proudly informs that the team have commenced work of bathroom plumbing, main piping work, paint work, external plaster work, ceiling work, window framework, window glass installation, glass fixing, water proofing, plumbing testing, electrical cable work and bathroom tiling. The management’s careful and close monitoring of progress enabled it to utilize maximum manpower and resources, resulting in the 80% completion of work by the end of January 2021. This reflects and validates the positive impacts of real-time, accurate, and cost-effectiveness of close progress monitoring, which results in the overall success of the projects.  

Regardless of the challenges faced due to COVID-19 by the entire team of Aqua Vita Residences, the team gives full assurance that the luxurious apartment handover process will start by the end of May 2021.  

For more information contact 7388866 or 7708866 during office hours.  


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