First Coral Nursery at Radisson Blu Maldives!

PUBLISHED February 10, 2022

Radisson Blu Resort Maldives together with the on-site Dive and Watersport Center, Ocean Group Maldives, has built the resort’s first coral nursery as a form of active reef restoration aimed at conserving coral ecosystem around the resort.  

Located in the middle of the resort, just between the main restaurant and Crusoe’s Island, the guests can easily see the newly-built rope nurseries when they swim or snorkel around the area.  

The resort’s Marine Biologist, Jessica Miller, says “We started the coral restoration project in order to help recover some of the surrounding reef, utilizing corals that are more resilient to environmental and anthropogenic stressors, to increase the chances of survival of our reefs.” In the future, guests will be welcomed to adopt a coral line of their own and they will be receiving updates along the journey until we bring it back onto the reef. 

“As a Marine Biologist, my job is to educate guests, study marine life, and help conserve the amazing marine ecosystem that the Maldives holds. I am starting from scratch in implementing various marine education and conservation projects.” Jess added. She has a weekly presentation where she touches on some of the spectacular marine biodiversity that we can find in the Maldives. All the guests are invited to join this presentation accompanied with complimentary cocktails and canapés.   

This joint effort is one big step among many activities which will be developed to involve the guests in cherishing and preserving the rich marine life of the Maldives. The resort will continue these efforts with the upcoming creation of a handbook and information plaques about the various type of fish and other marine animals which can be found the around the resort. 


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