Journey of Mr. Giovanni De Ambrosis, Corporate Chef of Cocoon Collection

Culinary News
PUBLISHED April 04, 2024 | updated April 04, 2024 02:27

Twenty years ago, Mr. Giovanni embarked on his culinary journey in Zanzibar, a place then serene but brimming with untapped potential and enchanting corners. Since then, he has led the culinary teams of The Cocoon Collection resorts in Maldives and Zanzibar.

Chef Giovanni returns to the most thrilling project of the The Cocoon Collection in Zanzibar, Bawe Island. Nestled amidst the breathtaking sea of Zanzibar, this emotional gem is the first “one island- one resort” concept in Zanzibar which provide a unique touch, offering luxurious, memorable, and unforgettable experiences.

The island boasts 4 restaurants, each offering a personalized culinary experience. But that's not all—guests can also enjoy excursions, dinners, barbecues, and the services of "private chefs" either around the island or within the lush accommodations. From sushi to ethnic cuisine, premium meats to fresh seafood, including lobsters, and an array of fresh pasta, along with meticulous attention to bread and desserts, some prepared right before your eyes.

Chef Giovanni's recipes showcase the best of Zanzibari traditions and ingredients sourced from the land, infused with his personality and emotions. Since 2016, his passion-driven ideas have been the hallmark of his culinary creations.

Reflecting on his dual roles, Chef Giovanni remarks, "I will have to divide my heart between the Maldives and Zanzibar, but as they say in these parts: Hakuna Matata."


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