Sixth seaplane of Manta Air to be delivered on 26th November

PUBLISHED November 23, 2019

The local airline, Manta Air has announced that, DHC-6 Twin Otter, the sixth seaplane to be added to its fleet will be delivered on 26th November 2019.

The DHC-6 Twin Otters are fitted with the latest in Garmin G950 NXI Next Generation Flight Deck technology with sophisticated weather radar feature built-in. The first three DHC-6 Twin Otters from Ontario and Canada arrived in October, the fourth addition to the fleet touched down earlier on November while the fifth landed on 21 November, Thursday.

Manta Air is expected to bring a total of 10 seaplanes to add to their fleet, and will be utilized actively in their seaplane operations.

At present, Manta Air operates domestically to Dhaal atoll Kudahuvadhoo and Baa atoll Dharavandhoo. However, the airline is working to expand its services by adding more domestic destinations to its portfolio.


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