Third Stop of ‘Savaadheeththa Dhathuru’ Maldives Yacht Rally 2024 Third Edition: M. Muli

PUBLISHED February 17, 2024 | updated February 17, 2024 02:36

‘Savaadheeththa Dhathuru’ is a sailing event organized by the Maldives Integrated Tourism Corporation (MITDC) which invites Yachtsmen from across the globe to participate in a journey across the Maldives seas, making stops at local islands, exploring the heritage, experiencing famous dive sites, sandbanks etc. The third edition of the rally began on 10th February 2023 from the Kaafu Atoll, taking a course of 2 weeks to reach Gan in Seenu Atoll.

M. Muli, the third stop of the rally, is well known for being home to the endangered black turtle, also known as Kanzu Kahanbu, which is found north of the island. Muli is also famous for its surf breaks, F1 and Mushroom as well as dolphin cruising at the Muli Channel. The island’s boat building industry can produce vessels up to 100 feet long.

The day at Muli started off with a traditional welcoming for the guests by the island community. This was held in the beach area. Each guest was given a welcome drink and a present from the council. Every yacht was given a gift as well. Afterwards, they were escorted to the stamping area.

After the guests got their official Savaadheeththa Passports stamped, the tour of the island commenced. The guests were taken to the Bank of Maldives ATM, the atoll school and the regional hospital of the island. In the tour, guests visited the area where the famous ‘Kanzu Kahanbu’ otherwise known as Black Turtle, resides. Then they were shown the two famous surfing points in Muli through a ‘Gaamathee island’. Guests were served ‘Mudi Kaashi”, a Maldivian delicacy.

In the afternoon, there was a traditional Lunch serving authentic Maldivian delicacies. Many guests claimed that it was one of the best foods that they have ever tried.

After a break for the Asr prayer, an evening tea was held for the guests and there was a traditional Maldivian Dance of Bilehdhafi Negun by the local community as the guests were left in awe.

The activities concluded after 06:00 PM and the guests were taken back to their vessels.

The next day will be a sailing day as the participants set their sails to L. Gan, the fourth stop of the Savaadheeththa Dhathuru 2024.


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