Government Announces Opportunity for Investors to Develop 23 Inhabited Islands Across 7 Atolls

PUBLISHED April 11, 2021 | updated April 11, 2021 00:38

The Government of Maldives represented by the Ministry of Tourism has announced the opportunity for interested investors to develop tourist resorts in the inhabited islands or plot of land in these islands, listed for release by the Ministry.  

Eligible investors, local or foreign have been invited to submit their proposals for the lease, development, operation and management of the islands on 10 June 2021 at 1000hrs. However, interested parties are to attend an information session prior to submission on April 29, 2021. The session will be held virtually via Zoom.  

Participants are advised to send an email requesting to join the information session along with their personal details; name, email address and phone number to before 1200 HRS on 28 April 2021 (Wednesday).  

The application form to purchase the Bid Document can be obtained from the Ministry’s website ( The Bid Document will be available to purchase from 14 April 2021 to 06 June 2021, 0900 HRS – 1230 HRS, except for government holidays from Ministry of Tourism (Velaanage 5 Floor) reception.  

For further clarification, please contact the Ministry by email before 1300hrs, 6 June 2021.  

Announced Islands for bid:  

1. HA. Velifinolhu  

2. HA. Alidhuffarufinolhu 

3. HDh. Kudafarufasgan'du 

4. M. Seedheehuraa 

5. M. Seedheehuraa Velingan’du (with Seedheehuraa) 

6. M. Maaufushi 

7. Th. Kaaddoo 

8. Th. Kanimeedhoo (10 hectares from the North) 

9. Th. Olhufushi 

10. Th. Olhufushifinolhu (with Olhufushi) 

11. L. Kaashidhoo 

12. L. Bodumun’yafushi 

13. L. Dhonberahaa 

14. L. Holhurahaa (with Dhonberahaa) 

15. GA.Maarehaa 

16. GA. Funadhooviligilla 

17. GDh. Kan’dahalagalaa 

18. GDh. Kadevaarehaa (with Dhigurehaa) 

19. GDh. Dhigurehaa 

20. GDh. Fereythaviligilla 

21. GDh. Dhekaan’ba (with Fereythaviligilla) 

22. GDh. Koderataa (with Fereythaviligilla) 

23. GDh. Island on coordinate number 0°22’12.86” N 73°1’28.98” E (with Fereythaviligilla)  


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