Hotels And Resorts Investments Pvt Ltd of the Maldives (HARIM) and H Al Dhaen Boats WLL of the Kingdom of Bahrain Inks Agreement

PUBLISHED May 30, 2023 | updated May 30, 2023 03:27

Boating, Marine and Tourism sector of Maldives aspires to reach new heights as two enigmatic powerhouses from different corners of the globe, Hotels And Resorts Investments Pvt Ltd of the Maldives (HARIM) and H Al Dhaen Boats WLL of the Kingdom of Bahrain join hands in collaboration. 

The dealership agreement signing was held on the night of May 29, 2023, at Hotel Jen with high profile attendees as guests including ministers and prominent stakeholders of the boating, marine and tourism industry. Vice Chair and Managing Director of HARIM Ms. Ayesha Nurain gave the opening remarks of the event, giving us an insight on the dealership and how this partnership will be instrumental in meeting the needs of the boating market with nothing but the best, whilst uplifting the industry and Maldives as a whole.  

While speaking in the event, the Chairman of HARIM Mr. Mohamed Ali Janah mentioned that his actual passion lies in building resorts, and that the inspiration to expand and explore newer horizons came from his children, giving him the aspiration required to foray into the boating industry. Highlighting on partnership and investment, Mr. Mohamed Ali Janah outlined the magnitude of the associating Bahrain partner making them the perfect ally for this dealership. Further, he conveyed the concept of a boatyard as well as a boat building factory, expressing gratitude on receiving a lagoon to develop. 

Director of Sales, H. Al Dhaen Boats, Mr. Sahbi Nagati echoed the sentiments of Mr. Mohamed Ali Janah, by pressing further on the opportunities this union presents to both HARIM and H Al Dhaen Boats as well as Maldives. As a gesture of gratitude, Mr. Sahbi Nagati on behalf of H Al Dhaen Boats presented Mr. Mohamed Ali Janah with a souvenir representative of the culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

President of National Boating Association of Maldives, Mr. Ismail Hameed gave the vote of thanks at the event, during which he exclaimed his appreciation for this dealership as such concepts and services bearing from such collaborations are of significant requirement in the boating industry. Maldives being the number one destination in the world is reflected in the booming tourism industry of the country, hence, newer improved boats are needed at a faster rate, that can provide better speed, greater comfort, and higher levels of convenience. 

Key industry pioneers were awarded plaques as a token of appreciation for their presence and contribution to the industry. The awardees included Minister of Tourism, Honorable Minister Aishath Nahula, Minister at President’s Office, Honorable Minister Zaha Waheed, Chief Executive Officer of Maldives Transport Contracting Company Plc Mr. Adam Azim, Managing Director of Allied Insurance Mr. Mohamed Shafaz, Managing Director of Urbanco Mr. Ahmed Athif and the guest of honor for the event Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of State Trading Organization Plc, Captain. Abdulla Saeed. 


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