Build Expo 2024 Kicks Off at Central Park, Hulhumale’

PUBLISHED January 11, 2024 | updated January 12, 2024 00:29

The 3rd edition of the National Build Expo is now in full swing, having kicked off on January 11 and running through January 14, 2024, at Hulhumale’ Central Park. This event for construction industry professionals, endorsed by SEFM and hosted by Urbanco, is an exceptional platform for showcasing the latest in construction, building, and infrastructure development.

Minister of Climate Change, Environment and Energy, Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim inaugurated the event along with members of Maldives National Association of Construction Industry at 1600hrs on January 11, 2024. Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Thoriq said that construction isn't just an industry, it's our third most beneficial sector, “we are committed to work with the industry to enhance capacity of related exhibitions and improve the existing regulations to better cater for the needs of the industry.” He concluded the speech with thanking MNACI and event organizer, Medium for their efforts to further promote the industry through Build Expo. 

As we gather at the National Build Expo, we are not just witnessing an event; we are witnessing the transformation of our nation's future. The construction industry plays a pivotal role in shaping our infrastructure, and this expo stands as a testament to our commitment to progress. Together, we build the foundations of a stronger, more resilient tomorrow. Let this expo be a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and growth for the advancement of our great nation."

With two successful events in the past, the National Build Expo 2024 anticipates drawing an estimated 8 to 10,000 visitors. This provides a prime opportunity for professionals to exhibit their products, services, and achievements while emphasizing the importance of advancing the products and services of the Maldivian construction industry.

The expo serves as a central hub for construction companies, offering them a platform to showcase raw materials, heavy machinery, and other products associated with construction. This gathering facilitates networking, fosters business alliances, and encourages the exchange of knowledge among key stakeholders in the industry through event segments such as product launches, product highlights, and presentations.

The main sponsor for this edition is Hotels and Resorts Investments Maldives (HARIM), with co-sponsor Renaatus Projects, and a lineup of esteemed partners including Cristallo, Toyo Pumps, Jaguar Maldives, Kin Long, Rainbow Group, STO Construction, Dhivehi Insurance, Ostrava, Seven Oceans, Compass Global, Dhiraagu, and Graphite.

With over 70 exhibitors showcasing innovative products and services, the expo has become a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and collaborations. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this dynamic event.



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