Maldives Expected to Reach 500,000 Tourist Arrivals Before Year Ends

PUBLISHED December 06, 2020 | updated December 06, 2020 02:52

Maldives expects to reach the annual tourist arrival target of 500,000 by 25th December, says Minister of Tourism, Honorable Dr. Abdulla Mausoom. By 16th December, Maldives is also expected to reach the target of 100,000 tourists since the reopening of borders on 15th July. 

Currently, the total number of annual arrivals is 468,693 with Russia leading the list, whilst the total number of arrivals since the reopening of borders is 85,846.  

Dr. Abdulla Mausoom mentioned on Twitter that Maldives is bouncing back and that some of the markets broke their arrival records of 2019.  

Arrivals from Egypt increased by forty percent during the past month, followed by arrivals from Kazakhstan which surged by 24.4 percent. Other developments include a five percent arrival increase from Russia, a 2.9 percent arrival increase from Brazil and a 0.9 percent arrival increase from Ukraine. 

There are 132 resorts, 135 guesthouses, 123 liveaboards and 5 hotels open with 8 atolls operational for guesthouses. 


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