Freedive Kelaa to Host Freediving Workshop ‘Pulse’

Umair Badheeu, Founder of Freedive Kelaa
PUBLISHED January 03, 2021 | updated January 03, 2021 02:39

A freediving workshop, titled, ‘Pulse’ has been organized by Freedive Kelaa, a local free dive training centre, to be held from January 10-18, 2021.  

The workshop is specially programmed and open for entry level free divers to improve on their skills such as relaxation, stretching for depth and equalisation, taught earlier in freediving level 1 or 2 courses. The horning of these skills will enable divers to dive even further into the scenic underwater abyss. 

Dive sessions will be conducted from a boat leaving from Island Beach House, Hulhumale, by talented diving instructors; Harry Chamas, Charly Stringer and Umair Badheeu.

Harry Harry Chamas

Harry is a freediver based in Dahab, Egypt. He has been coaching athletes for over 7 years and his athletes has made more than 30 National Records. He holds British National Records for No Limit and Variable Weight (120m and 105m).  

Charly Stringer

Charly has been teaching both freediving and scuba diving for over 4 years. Furthermore, this year she is training to compete for the U.K. During her time in the Maldives, she will be training in Haa Alif Atoll, where a variety of hot dive spots and coral reefs rich in megafauna are located at.  

Badheeu is the founder of Freedive Kelaa based in the northern HA. Kelaa. He has been training in the island for over two years. In 2020, he competed in an international diving event in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt and did National Record in Constant Bi fin (57m). 

Freedive Kelaa also invites divers to join Harry Chamas at Kelaa Island during this February for personal coaching and depth training. As limited spots are available for training, visit: to book and for latest information.  


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