Emirates Emerges as Top Carrier to the Maldives for the Year 2021

PUBLISHED January 02, 2022 | updated January 02, 2022 03:20

Flag carrier of United Arab Emirates has been reported as the top carrier to the Maldives for the year 2021. Emirates held the top position throughout the year, having carried the most number of passengers via its scheduled international flights. 

Emirates operated total 2,868 flights, bringing over 254,619 passengers to the Maldives. The airline conducted 4 daily flights between the Velana International Airport and Dubai International Airport during its peak period.   

Qatar Airways in second place operated 2,408 flights to the Maldives, flying over 213,000 passengers. The remaining airlines in the top five include Indigo, Aeroflot, and GoFirst, respectively in order.  

On December 26, Maldives registered a new record for total number of tourist arrivals on a single day since the reopening of the borders with 7,098 arrivals and arrivals target of 1.3 million was reached on December 27. Though the numbers remain below pre-COVID level, the monthly trends have been recording positive growths. 

In 2021, Emirates progressed in rebuilding its passenger network to 128 cities by December including a new route to Miami launched in July. At the end of 2021, all of Emirates’ 133 Boeing 777 aircraft and nearly 60 of its A380 fleet are in active service, connecting people to their loved ones and businesses to global opportunities. 


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