Batik Air Commences Direct Flights from Kuala Lumpur to the Maldives, Enhancing Tourism Opportunities

PUBLISHED June 24, 2023 | updated June 24, 2023 02:32

Batik Air, formerly known as MalindoAir has launched direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to the Maldives. This direct route has open its doors for more South East Asian passengers, making a significant impact on our country's tourism sector. The airline's inaugural flight with 121 passengers received a warm welcome with a water salute at a special ceremony at Velana International Airport.

Operating Weekly 3 flights between Sri Lanka, Malaysia and the Maldives , Batik Air utilizes Boeing 737 aircraft with a seating capacity of 180 passengers for its Maldives operations. With its extensive network of 50 destinations, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia, Batik Air's entry into the Maldives market is expected to contribute to the country's growing tourism industry.

The addition of Batik Air's direct flights, alongside other airlines like Flyness from Saudi Arabia and the upcoming Virgin Atlantic flights from the US to Velana International Airport, offers travelers from various parts of the world more convenient options to explore the beauty and hospitality of the Maldives.

As more airlines choose to operate flights to the Maldives, the country's tourism industry is set to experience a significant boost, attracting a larger number of visitors and further establishing the Maldives as a premier destination for international travelers.  


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