Nippon Maru Japanese Cruise Ship Arrives in Maldives

PUBLISHED December 31, 2022

The Nippon Maru Cruise ship has visited the Maldives during this weekend. Minister of Tourism, Dr. Mausoom and delegates from the ministry, stakeholders from the tourism industry and boating industry greeted the crew and team from the cruise ship during their visit to Malé city.

The cruise was with over 200 guests to the capital city where they were able to enjoy citywide tours, souvenir shopping and experience the cultural lifestyle in the city.

Nippon Maru cruise ship offers cruises around the world, and is one of three Japanese flagship carriers. The cruise ship took hiatus from its operations during the recent global pandemic and resumed its trip recently. The popular Japanese luxury cruise ship has been representing Japan for over 30 years. 

Nippon Maru is an addition to the current lineup of cruise ships visiting the Maldives, recently cruise ships have begun their routine stops in Malé city after their long break.


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