Tourism Minister Dr. Mausoom Expects All Tourist Establishments in Greater Male' Area to Restart Services by Early November

PUBLISHED September 17, 2020 | updated September 17, 2020 03:52

Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom stated that all tourist establishments in Greater Male’ Area; Male’ City, ViliMale’ and HulhuMale’, are expected to make their comebacks by early November 2020. 

In early September, Ministry of Tourism announced granting of permit to reopen local guest houses starting October 15.  

Most recently, Maldives has been presented with 'Safe Travels' stamp by the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC). The specially designed safety stamp recognized the efforts of Maldives in implementing enhanced health and safety measures, in line with the global Safe Travels protocols of WTTC, and creating a safe gradual plan by rebuilding confidence among travellers and ensuring a coordinated approach in restarting Maldives’ tourism industry. 

According to Maldives Immigration, passengers entering Maldives under tourist, business and special Visas and ship crew arriving to sign-on are required to present COVID- 19 negative PCR test result, effective September 10 onwards. 

Minister further ensures operations of hotels, guest houses and tourist facilities will resume sooner with controlled COVID-19 transmission rate in the Maldives (not above 5 percent) during a period of two consecutive weeks. 


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