Maldives Marine Expo Virtual Edition is Live Now

PUBLISHED December 20, 2020 | updated December 20, 2020 03:24

Maldives Marine Expo, Virtual Edition is the first of its kind truly virtual exhibition held in the Maldives, the exhibition is the longest maritime event for the marine industry held in the Maldives. This year’s edition comes at unprecedented times and is scheduled to be held from 20 – 22 December 2020. Facing these challenges, the event brings hope to the marine community to network and bond together to overcome these challenges together.  

Maldives Marine Expo, Virtual Edition highlights key features for exhibitors and visitors alike, such as the: 

1. Auditorium where live webinar discussions by industry key players from both government and private sector would be held, as well as seminar sessions by industry stakeholders. The details for the live webinars and seminars would be disclosed via social media channels of Maldives Marine Expo, visually representing a lagoon cinema giving a unique experience.  

2. Network Zone is a place where all participants can view all other online at the same time and engage in conversation, it a mass communication chat area for quick responses. The visual representation of the network zone would be as a open-air lounge area very commonly found in the Maldives.  

3. Expo Hall is where visitors can engage with the exhibitors and inquire about their products or services, Visitors can view product catalogues, company profiles, technical specifications, promotional videos, etc from the exhibitor stall. Visitors can also conduct live video chats with the exhibitors and engage thoroughly about their products or services.  

Visitors can register for free by signing up on and logging in during the event dates on the same website. The Maldives Marine Expo is an official event of the National Boating Association of Maldives (NBAM) and is organised by MEDIUM Pvt Ltd. The event is a prime platform for the marine industry to come together for business and community as a whole.  

For more information about Maldives Marine Expo please call the hotline +960 799-7974 or email inquiries to  

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