Enjoy Eid Holidays the Hideaway-way at the Best Luxury Hideaway Resort in the Maldives

PUBLISHED May 08, 2021

Eid-Al-Fitr is just around the corner, and people from all four corners of the globe are preparing and eagerly awaiting the joyous day of celebration. Held at the end of Ramadan as a “Festival of Breaking the Fast”, Eid is one of the biggest holidays in Muslim communities, commemorated by prayer, delicious feasts, and time spent well with family and friends.  

Sadly, the current pandemic hangs heavy over end-of-Ramadan event planning. Even so, Hideaway is taking it upon itself to ensure Eid remains a day to excitedly anticipate. Hideaway offers a safe retreat where careful consideration is given to social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols, thus providing a peaceful and fun respite in these turbulent times, which can be good to rejuvenate and revive the body and mind. This is further cemented by the fact that the resort has recently been crowned the best luxury hideaway resort in the Maldives by Luxury Lifestyle Awards. 

In lieu of the holiday, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is giving everyone who is currently a resident in the Middle East an opportunity to celebrate Eid this year the Hideaway-way. The resort has revealed that they will be giving out special goodies and bonuses for all guests staying at Hideaway during the celebration period. These treats vary from something simple like a welcome drink on arrival, to a complementary cooking class for that “Hideaway Master Chef Experience”. The full list of special items and services received are found in Hideaway’s digital flyers attached below. 

It is additionally worth mentioning that the special amenities and services that will be received during this period are exclusive of the all-inclusive package offered at the resort. This plan, known as the “White Platinum Plan”, is still recommended for the best all-inclusive vacation and to experience the full-service of Hideaway! 

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is the perfect luxury resort in the Maldives to have an Eid getaway. Its beautiful turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches with deep marine blue ocean filled with corals, and exotic marine life are the best backdrops for any family event. The resort was also built in such a way that it ensures the privacy of guests by creating natural barriers with lush trees and vegetation between accommodations. The final product is amazing scenery where guests only see the ocean, the beach, and the lush green foliage. 


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