FitsAir restarts cargo operations to and from Maldives

PUBLISHED April 04, 2020

FitsAir, the main domestic operator and the second international operator in Sri Lanka has restarted its scheduled cargo flights to Maldives on April 2, 2020.

A FitsAir official stated: "The airline started carrying perishable items of around 6.5 tones to Maldives on a regular basis."

"This operation will go on during these tough times supporting Sri Lankan exports. FitsAir previously operated thrice weekly flight to Palali and will restart these flights when the impact of coronavirus reduces. We are currently ready to deploy local and international charter flights," he added

FitsAir informs that they are committed to supporting Sri Lankan Exports during these challenging times and expresses gratitude towards its crew and the FitsAir ground services team for their untiring efforts.


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