Germany’s Condor Recommences Flights to Maldives

PUBLISHED November 30, 2020 | updated November 30, 2020 06:19

Germany’s most popular leisure airline is flying to the Maldives once again. Condor is the largest holiday carrier not only in Germany, but also in the world. Considering the size of the fleet and the number of passengers served, it is the third largest German airline.  

From 18th December 2020 onward, Maldives will be included in the program again with two weekly flights from Frankfurt on Mondays and Saturdays. 

With over 3,500 tourists since reopening of borders on 15th July, Germany remains one of the key markets to Maldives. Maldives has recorded over 67,000 arrivals since then. 

Tourism industry professionals expect the tourist arrival numbers to increase in the coming month as the winter holiday season usually brings in a lot of tourists. Minister of Tourism Honorable Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has also stated that over 18 airlines will be operating to Maldives by the end of November.  


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