Reethi Faru Resort Commences New Projects for the Conservation and Preservation of the Environment

PUBLISHED December 16, 2020 | updated December 16, 2020 03:17

Reethi Faru Resort, in keeping with its conservation promise, has started two new projects to continue conservation and preservation of the natural environment. The focus of both these projects - Adopt a Tree and Adopt a Coral - is to preserve, conserve and restore the natural balance, both marine and terrestrial. Moreover, it is one way to create permanent and deep-rooted memories at Reethi Faru Resort. 

Since the construction phase of the resort, Reethi Faru has been mindful of the importance of coral conservation. Their guests recently got to experience sustainable travel with a splash of conservation, as they took a guided walk, assisted by their Marine Biologist and Environmental Specialist, Smrutica Jithendranath, by the beach to witness little hatchlings of a Green sea turtle make their way into the Indian Ocean. It was nothing short of a miracle watching the adorable fleet flopping their way towards the sea, leaving the white sandy beach behind them until their return, years later, to nest at the exact site – it is truly an unforgettable experience seeing life come to a full circle. 

Reethi Faru is a stunning, one-of-a-kind, tropical island paradise, where the glistening, crystal clear ocean meets endless white coral sand and tropical foliage making this a truly magical, lagoon escape. The resort is family run and has an enviable pedigree thanks to its drive for conserving the natural beauty of the islands and sustaining the ecosystems upon which the fragile coral reef relies. 

This breath-taking, tropical island paradise is proud to have guardianship of all that nature has created on a tiny island in Raa Atoll, measuring just six hundred by three hundred and fifty metres. Guests can unwind in one of one hundred and fifty traditional, luxurious Maldivian villas, either complete with Jacuzzi, nestled in the tropical gardens, beachside, or on stilts over the turquoise water. 

As part of its commitment to enhancing the region’s natural beauty, all of the resort’s free standing and family connected villas are built with its commitment to conservation at the heart of their traditional design. Reethi Faru believes in using as many locally sourced and created materials such as bricks made from recycled soil and bio consciously treated sustainable teak from Indonesia and lacquer work and ceramics from the region. 


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