NBAM hosts Signing Ceremony of Maldives Marine Expo and Boating Maldives Magazine

PUBLISHED March 04, 2020

The National Boating Association of Maldives, NBAM hosted the Signing Ceremony of Maldives Marine Expo and Boating Maldives Magazine today at Maagiri Hotel, Male'. 

Medium Pvt. Ltd. was appointed as the Official Event Manager of Maldives Marine Expo, as well as the Content Manager of the Boating Maldives Magazine. 

This year, the Maldives Marine Expo is scheduled to present its 6th edition by the third quarter of 2020. The event will feature various activities, facilities and seminars, with its marketing plans reaching local and international business hubs. According to NBAM, the 6th edition of the Maldives Marine Expo will be a promising opportunity for marine industry businesses and enthusiasts.

Maldives Marine Expo is the official event of the NBAM which is an annual business exhibition for the boating industry of the Maldives. The exhibition has been running since 2014, becoming a prestigious platform for one of the most important sectors of the Maldives. 

The Official Magazine of NBAM, formerly 'Liveaboards of Maldives' has been rebranded as 'Boating Maldives'. It is the annual publication which covers highlights, culture & history and important trends from the Boating Industry. The magazine also features a liveaboards directory apart from journalistic articles.

The NBAM is the official association representing the Boating Industry of the Maldives. The association has been the voice of the Maldivian Boating Industry since its formation as the Liveaboard Association of Maldives (LAM) in 2007, which in 2020 marks its 13-year anniversary.

The main objectives of NBAM are to sustain the growth of the liveaboard industry and giving guidance on issues from eco-friendly measures, sustainability and safety, as well as advocating in presenting a unified voice to the government in fair practices, assistance in sustaining confidence in the liveaboards industry with operators, holiday makers and other members related to the Maldivian liveaboard industry.

NBAM carries out various activities to raise awareness and connect the liveaboard industry personnel via its official components, an annual magazine, Boating Maldves (formerly Liveaboards of Maldives) ; an annual exhibition, Maldives Marine Expo and recognizing top-performers of the Maldivian liveaboard industry with The Boating Awards, apart from these well recognized components NBAM conducts various activities with topics of safety, certified guidance, arrangement of special offers to the liveaboard industry to name a few.

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