Salsa Royal: Feeding society in a time of crisis

PUBLISHED May 05, 2020

Salsa Royal has consistently been part of the effort initiated by the Maldives Association of Travel Agents & Tour Operators (MATATO) and the National Boating Association of Maldives (NBAM) along with Coca Cola and Manta Air.

The collaborative work which commenced a few days before the lockdown will continue until the end of Ramadan, providing food packages for 500 people whose lives have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and are being taken care of and sheltered by the Maldivian Red Crescent and the government in various locations. 

About 15 dedicated employees of Salsa Royal work in two shifts, cooking three meals a day prior to Ramadan, and twice daily during Ramadan providing meals for Iftar (breaking the fast) and Suhoor (midnight / early morning meal before fasting commences).

These unparallel times have affected everyone, including businesses, individuals and families who travelled to Male City for various needs prior to the lockdown, and many expats who have been living in Male in tough conditions without proper documentation. 

However, the government of the Maldives has taken initiative to provide shelter, and the programme by MATATO and NBAM with the support of Coca Cola, Salsa Royal and Manta Air helps to provide food for 500 of these individuals daily. 

As of today (5th May 2020), 9000+ meal packages have been delivered thus far.


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