Ecotourism: What is it and why is it trending?

PUBLISHED June 30, 2021 | updated June 30, 2021 02:41

We all live in a world which is very delicate in multiple aspects. You can take these aspects as climate change, soil erosion, greenhouse gas emission pollution and the list goes way long. Knowing all this, why can’t we consider checking the ecotourism friendly places when thinking of a vacation. This way we can keep nature intact and still satisfy our wanderlust. 

Here, we talked about the word “ecotourism” and we will now see what ecotourism exactly is. 

So, we can say ecotourism as a method of travelling in which we, as a responsible citizen, travel to all the natural areas by which we may conserve the environment, enjoying ourselves and at the same time, enjoying the local cultures. 

It will give a lower visitor impact and will also provide advantageous socio-economic involvement among the local people and visitors of that place. there

One more important thing of ecotourism is that it should always be a win-win condition which means your travelling should benefit you as well the local people out there. 

What activities are a part of ecotourism? 

Defining the activities as a part of ecotourism can be a bit difficult, but we will get to know about it now. For instance, if you are walking around in a rainforest, it is not counted as ecotourism until it benefits nature or the local people. Rafting is also not ecotourism if it is not for nature conservation, awareness or funds for nature. 

Why is ecotourism trending? 

Ecotourists are now travelling around the world spreading awareness and helping nature as well as local cultures. Knowing the condition of our depleting environment and nature, it has become quite interesting. People have now started finding privilege to help our environment and the local communities. 

Being an ecotourist, a traveler should always respect local laws and also should not contribute to any kind of pollution. 

Some trends in the previous years in ecotourism include sustainable volunteering, empowering women of different places, performing activities to counteract the natural impact, avoiding the extremely crowded tourist places and so on. 


Contributing writer 

Aushini Das


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