MATI hosts 30th Annual General Meeting at Kurumba

PUBLISHED February 23, 2020

The 30th Annual General Meeting of MATI (the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry) was held on last night, 23rd February 2020 at Kurumba Maldives.

The association's Chairman Mohamed Umar Manik, Secretary General Ahmed Nazeer and 84 members of MATI were present at the assembly. Chief guest, Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed, Managing Director of Maldives Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), Thoyyib Mohamed as well as other senior representatives of the tourism ministry were in attendance. 

The Chairman gave the opening remarks at the ceremony about the need to overcome the adverse effects faced in the tourism industry due to shifts in the worlds economy. He commented on the amendments and improvements being brought to laws regarding the tourism industry and stated that the government would always have the support of MATI in forming the new masterplan for the industry. Furthermore, he pointed out the adverse effects of climate change in the country and called on the funds from the Green Tax to be used appropriately to combat these effects.

Presentations related to the industry were also conducted by special invitees; Dr Simad Saeed of CDE Consulting gave a presentation titled "The Story of Maldives", Susan Deer the Director of Industry Relations at the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), delivered a presentation called "Failure of Thomas Cook, Brexit and a look towards the future of the UK outbound travel market".

During the AGM, new members were appointed to the board of MATI for the year 2020. The new board members were elected by taking a vote among the members.

The newly elected board members of MATI are:
Mohamed Umar Manik Chairman
Hussain Afeef Vice Chairperson
Solah Shihab Vice Chairperson
Ahmed Nazeer Secretary General
Ahmed Hafeez Financial Controller
Assad Ali Deputy Secretary General
Ahmed Siyam Mohamed Executive Board Members
Iyaz Waheed Executive Board Members
Ibrahim Noordeen Executive Board Members
Visha Mahir Executive Board Members
Ismail Siyan Qasim Executive Board Members
Ibrahim Siyad Qasim Executive Board Members
Zulaikha Manik Executive Board Members
Moosa Salih Executive Board Members
Aishath Neena Ahmed Executive Board Members

MATI is a non-governmental, non-profit organization formed in 1982, for the purpose of promoting tourism in the Maldives. MATI coordinates with government bodies and liaises with the organizations locally and internationally to solidify their services and operations in the Tourism sector


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