Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru Launches Extensive Wellbeing Activities

PUBLISHED August 22, 2022 | updated August 22, 2022 01:53

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru launches extensive wellbeing activities this month to enhance guest experiences. 

The purpose of travel has dramatically changed in the quick span of three pandemic years, and travelers now look not only into getting a digital detox but also to experiencing a sense of place, a sanctuary where self-care is the center of the holiday. 

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru’s serene natural landscape and tranquil environment sets the space one needs to start their wellbeing journey or to enjoy a mindful holiday. With spectacular sunrise and sunsets, sparkling cerulean waters teeming with marine life, and swaying palm trees, this island paradise is a sanctuary for the senses perfectly made for a mindfulness retreat. 

Led by the resort’s Wellbeing Manager, Dr. Tomson Jose, Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru rolls out a variety of wellbeing activities that guests can experience throughout their stay. 

Guests can begin their day with Ocean Breath, a guided meditation session at the beach where they can experience the rejuvenating quality of breathing negative ions that pervades a coastal environment. This activity will fully awaken the senses and start the day feeling energized. 

Spinal Stretch, Core Pilates, Posture Alignment, and Body Tension Release are a few activities that will improve physical endurance and flexibility. Fat Blast and Island Trail will challenge one’s physical strength and endurance. Conscious Grounding, Mindful Living, and Sleep Meditation are introductions to mindfulness practices, a start of the wellbeing journey which guests can carry on even after they depart from the resort.  

Guests can join the wellbeing activities scheduled daily. More information on the wellbeing activities can be downloaded via the resort’s brand website:  


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